May 10, 2016

Introducing the Helm

 We are extremely happy to introduce to you, our product, the Helm. The Helm was developed by Dr. Beau Daniels DC, CSCS to fill a void in the world of stability training. Designed by Dr. Beau Daniels for use on the Swiss Ball (any size), Bosu Ball, balance ball or on the ground; the Helm is a versatile core and multi muscle workout product that allows the user to add a stability component to planks, pushups, and bench dips. The Helm adds a dynamic of strength, stability, and endurance training to your traditional core workouts and it allows you to focus on your abs, arms, shoulder, and your upper / lower back all with one device. Until now, the Helm has only been available to a select group of athletes and personal trainers. Today, we are excited to share the Helm with all of you.